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The Quick Game Virtual Playbook Volume III

The Quick Game Virtual Playbook is now available. Produced by CompuSports Media Services, this is Volume III in the series in which Coach Tony DeMeo uses video, chalk & talk…

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Commonsense Rules for Everyday Leaders Webinar

Since the early days of the CompuSports Media Exchange, among our most popular articles with visitors are those which deal with leadership. In 5 Essential Leadership Qualities for Parents, Players…

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You Spent How Much and Received No Scholarship?

Over the last 30 years several parents told me how much money they spent on their youngsters to participate in athletics from the time they were in elementary school until…

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A Simple Guide to Getting an Athletic Scholarship

A new book and audio training course, A Simple Guide to Getting an Athletic Scholarship, is now available from the CompuSports Media Exchange. Produced by Gary Hiles of Eaton, OH,…

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Computers in Football Coaching – its origins

Before the arrival of the VCR and personal computers in the early 80's, Football Scouting and Game Planning was primarily a manual process, and "live scouts" were an integral part…

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New Triple Gun Video breaks new ground in coaching videos

Few would dispute that the most relevant technological advancement in coaching in the modern era is video. Not simply video, as we think of the VHS and Camcorder, although without…

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Talking Option Football with Coach Mike DiMatteo

This is the first in a series of articles written by Option Central Staff Writer Jim Reese, in which he interviews Guest Contributors to Option Central - the web's #1…

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Philosophy of the I-Bone Option Attack Offense

Philosophy of the I-Bone Option Attack Offense by Joey Lozano Option football has always been an exciting and explosive form of the game. With each option play, the possibility of…

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The Power Kick

by Jim Reese In the interest of increasing player safety while adding a new scoring opportunity to the offense, I suggest the NFL Rules Committee think outside the box and…

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