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Below are frequently asked questions about our media products.  If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please feel free to contact us.


How do I get set up to distribute my products through the CompuSports Media Exchange?

Contact Us and tell us about your product(s) and any current distribution arrangements and include your Contact information.  We’ll review it and contact you to discuss it further.

Buying from the CompuSports Media Exchange

What rights and restrictions do I have when I purchase an eBook from the CompuSports Media Exchange?

As a general rule, you have Read, and for most products, Print rights – for your own use.

You are not permitted to reproduce an eBook for someone else’s use, either by printing/copying (the book or any of its content) or by sharing the digital file with someone else.

What happens if I lose a book that I download?

We recommend that you make a copy of the any files that you download on your computer. Be sure the folder it is stored in is backed up routinely or automatically.

Why would I want an eBook if I can buy the actual book?

This question was asked when we launched The CompuSports Media Exchange in 2002, but not much in recent years.

Since many of our books are “how-to” types of books, their drawings and illustrations are frequently reproduced (for your own use) or printed. For this reason, having the book on a computer is an advantage over having to scan a printed book.

Also, eBooks can be easily transported on a flash drive or stored on a cloud drive, making them available to you any time you have access to a computer.

Can I get an e-Book or software on a CD?

Some eBooks and Software are available on CD for an additional charge. The book description will state that and tell you which item to purchase. The CD or “Hard Copy” option is normally listed as a Related Item at the bottom of a product description page.

Some items include a CD or Hard Copy book by default, at no additional cost (see the description), and others, including a small number of software products are shipped on CD only (see description).

What if I change computers or my hard drive crashes and I lose the eBook or software? Do I need to repurchase it?

This will depend on the type of product purchased.  Use the Contact Form and include as much information as possible to enable us to verify the purchase.

If we are able to verify the purchase, in many cases, we will be able to make another copy available to you.

For software products, the publisher’s licensing policy will apply, so when possible and necessary, we will contact the publisher on your behalf as well.

How can I get a trial version of the software you sell?

A trial version is available for most software products distributed on the CompuSports Media Exchange.  In some cases, a link to a trial version will be included in the description.

If you dont see a trial link, Contact Us to request a trial version.

Downloading Your eBook or Software

How do I download an item after paying for it.

If you are using a PC running Windows:

1. RIGHT CLICK – Click your RIGHT mouse button on the file name(s). A pop-up menu will appear. Choose “Save Target As” or “Save Link As” or “Save File As” (the exact wording depends on your browser).

2. The “Save As” dialog box will appear. Select the folder on your computer where you want to save the file. For eBooks, any location is OK, including Desktop. For Software, the Documents or Download folders are recommended. Be sure to select a location on your computer that makes it easy to find the file(s) that you download.

3. Click “Save” and the download process will begin. When it’s complete, select “Close” to exit the dialog box.

4a. For eBooks provided in Adobe Acrobat format…

1. Open Acrobat Reader or a similar application.
2. Click on “File” and “Open” and find the eBook.
3. Open it and begin reading

4b. For eBooks and software provided in an exe format.

1. Open My Computer and then locate the folder in which you saved the file.
2. Double click on the file or click it once and select “File” and “Open” from the menu.
3. Follow any instructions provided during the installation process to install the software.

For software purchases, an email will be sent to you that contains instructions for installing, registering and using the software.

If you are using a tablet or phone:

Most of eBooks can be viewed and saved directly on a tablet or phone. The procedures vary by type of phone and device, so we recommend using a PC to download the item, and then moving it to the device using the PC and a program such as iTunes, DropBox or Google Drive.

How long does it take for an eBook to download?

Most eBooks will take a minute or less to download. Download speed depends on the speed of your Internet connection.


How will I receive a serial number for the software applications that I purchase?

For some products, you will have access to a limited version of the software until it is “registered” or activated.

For others, a serial number is sent to you by email – usually after you install the software and forward the registration information to the publisher.

What user manuals and documentation are included with software downloaded from the CompuSports Media Exchange?

In some cases, the user manual is included in the installation file as either a detailed Help File or a document in Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

Otherwise, you will receive instructions by email or see a link to download or view online product documentation and other resources that will assist in using a software product.

How can I get a demonstration version of the software you sell, and why should I do this?

A trial version is available for most software products distributed on the CompuSports Media Exchange.

Contact Us if you need a trial version.

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